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Nov 9th, 2013 
Orgonite Tabla Project

What happens when you combine Orgonite and Music?

More specifically, Orgonite and Tabla Drums?

Friend of mine, Kevin, told me about casting orgonite in Tabla drums. This was an experiment that i could not resist :-)

Below is the link to Reports of our experiences with this unique combination of orgonite and music

visit >> Orgonite Tabla Project <<


Jan 16th, 2010 
Another view of the row of sylphs at the island

Friend of mine, Dan Daum from Bali (
http://www.baligifter.org/blog/), used special software to stitch together several photos of the row of sylphs, to create a panoramic view of the photos of that I had taken. While swimming with last bags of orgonite (TBs), I looked up and saw the sylphs taking shape in the sky, in a neat row. Sure seems like I was at the perfect position (right in the middle), to take this photo isn't it? :-). The photo above shows the beginning stages as they continue to pull more cloud material, to show themselves more clearly. See the post below for more details. 



Jan 14th, 2010
Happy New Year - 2010 and more updates

Wishing you a Happy New Year. I have been very late in writing and updating gifting reports and can only manage quick updates for the moment. Last year in 2009, alot more TBs were gifted around Kuala Lumpur (still an on-going gifting project) and I also did a sea gifting trip, to an island located north of Malaysia.

I made a small orgonite arsenal for gifting last year, in 2009 alone, close to 3,000 Towerbusters(TBs) - (2747 TBs to be exact, see thumbnail picture on the left) and of which 500 TBs was gifted around a specific island, located in the north (Near the Malaysian and Thai border). I can't elaborate more on this sea gifting trip as it is still a work in progress but I wanted to share some amazing photos (see left) of rows of sylphs that showed themselves on that island. They formed a single row and appeared suddenly while I was still in the water swimming with bags of orgonite to drop at some points in the ocean.

I even saw a "rainbow sylph" at the beginning of this single row. When I saw this amazing sky display of sylphs in 3D, it lifted my heart and spirit and it spurred me to continue swimming to drop the last bag of TBs at a particular spot in the ocean, at this island. It actually took me 2 days of swimming to drop all 500 TBs into the ocean but they(sylphs) seem to know 'exactly' when to show themselves. In this case, it was when I was about to drop my 'last' 2 bags of TBs into the water, to complete the gifting for this trip there, the sylphs suddenly appeared in a neat row as seen in the thumbnail photo on the left. While in the water, I was positioned right in the 'middle' of the row of sylphs, and which made it easier to shoot photos of the left, middle and right portions of the single long row of sylphs.

I wonder how they knew it was my last 2 bags of TBs (orgonite towerbusters) to drop into the ocean? :-)

I shot alot of photos and videos but this sea gifting project is still a work in progress and will probably take another year plus, to complete (can't share details for the moment but wanted to share that photo -- see left).

A BIG THANK YOU to Frode from Norway and T.K from Australia (initials only as I didn't ask him if I could post his name) for their generous sponsorship that allowed me to run around and continue gifting even when my finances was in terrible shape. Thanks guys!

At this point (January 14th, 2010), the Kuala Lumpur gifting project still requires several thousand more TBs to completely "orgonise" Kuala Lumpur. Around August 2009, my finances took a nose dive further and I had to completely stop gifting due to this. The orgonite business had still been slow and it wasn't enough to finance all the running around and Towerbuster (TBs) production for gifting. For the moment, I have to take it easy and set my finances straight before resuming gifting again this year.

I  have been working on other projects to produce some decent cash these days to pay my bills and etc. Tough times indeed! :-) I am optimistic that things will work out very nicely this year (especially about getting myself out from financial debts) and I'll be able to continue gifting this year.

I am still open for business, so if any decorative orgonite product catches your fancy, don't hesitate to order ok :-)

>> Click Here To Visit Our Product section <<

If you are have any difficulties in ordering, please send your order to my email address at:

hari@seaorgonite.com   OR   harideran@gmail.com

Thanks again and cheers,
(Harideran Sivagnanam)


Mar 19th, 2009
Kuala Lumpur Gifting update and other updates

This is a quick update on the gifting progress in Kuala Lumpur. Currently more than 1700 TBs have been gifted around Kuala Lumpur, in the last few months. I would like to thank KR, HN and Hanny for doing the legwork with me of running around Kuala Lumpur in several gifting trips together, in the last few months :)

A big thank you to Frode in Norway for the sponsorship of TBs for this ongoing gifting project here in Kuala Lumpur. Sales from the seaorgonite business is still low and is still not strong enough to sustain and to finance this Kuala Lumpur gifting project. Frode's sponsorship for orgonite, could not have come at a better time, like right now (I am still financially challenged to finance this gifting project on my own). Thanks Frode!

This gifting project will still require alot of resources, including alot of cash, to complete it. If you would like to help out in sponsorship (cash for TBs, petrol and etc), please drop me an email at: hari@seaorgonite.com

I have taken more photos and a few videos but have been very busy lately to write the several full detailed gifting reports with the updated Map, of the recently gifted areas. However an update is definitely needed and that is why I am posting this quick update :) . It has been quite a challenge for me these days to work on the gifting project and on the seaorgonite business. 

I am currently working to streamline the orgonite products and adding new ones as well. I recently started a small ebaystore there but a more complete and detail ebay store is currently in the works. A little more coding left to be done.

More work went into the seaorgonite business in last 3 months (beginning of this year), and I am hoping that effort will pay off soon for the remainder of this year in 2009.  The concurrent goal for me is to bring the orgonite business up to a strong position, financially. It is definitely very challenging for me currently, to make a living and to do gifting at the same time :)

Having a healthy orgone business will definitely provide a strong foundation (financially) to continue to finance and expand the gifting activities here in Kuala Lumpur. This is the strategy that I have decided to still pursue and in the long run, I think this will bear fruit.

Overall, this gifting project has been making good steady progress and hitting that 5,000-6,000TBs gifting target in Kuala Lumpur can be achieved. While spending most of my time lately on working on the seaorgonite business, I also managed to steadily build up another small arsenal of slightly over 700 TBs already and purchased more materials for another 1000 TBs for this gifting project. The extra materials to make more TBs for this project came from Frode in Norway (via sponsorship). No doubt, I will be busy building up the orgonite arsenal again before putting the legwork to gift all of it, in several gifting runs again, in the next few months.

That all the updates for now and thanks for reading :)

(Harideran Sivagnanam)

P.S. I definitely need to put another section at this website for a blog to post quick updates, instead of posting this at the front page of this website :)


Jan 23rd, 2009
Singapore Gifting

Singapore gets a dose of orgonite from two gifters. Dan (Edostar) and R. (from Singapore) makes two separate gifting runs. Singapore is a very difficult place to gift, similar to many areas in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The landscape is well maintained by an army of municipal gardeners. Could orgonite disguised as mudballs, go around this problem?

Singapore Gifting thread posted here on www.ethericwarriors.com


Jan 1st, 2009

Happy New Year!
Wishing you a new year filled with new hope, new joy and new beginnings.

The extensive gifting runs around Kuala Lumpur will continue in 2009 and it is our hope that we will be able to completely orgonise Kuala Lumpur this year! There is an estimated 3600-4000 cell towers in Kuala Lumpur and the klang valley here in Malaysia. The population here, in this relatively small area is about 7.2 million. 

We estimate that at least 5,000-6,000 TBs (towerbusters) should be adequate to finish the job with a little extra to grid around the city. If you are new to orgonite and gifting, please check out the Introduction section (see the Orgonite Gifting Movement section) at this website.

Last year, with the help from friends in Malaysia and abroad (via sponsorships), over 1000 TBs were gifted around Kuala Lumpur (gifting report posted here on www.ethericwarriors.com). This ongoing gifting project will require alot of resources, chiefly time and money. We are willing to do the legwork in distributing and gifting the TBs, starting with Kuala Lumpur and the klang valley but need financial assistance, to pull this off.

If you would like to help out by sponsoring TBs (towerbusters), CBs (cloudbusters), earthpipes or petrol for this ongoing gifting project, please drop me an email at hari@seaorgonite.com or harideran@gmail.com 

We are also an orgonite vendor. Anything you buy here at seaorgonite, will also help us to expand our gifting activities and to finance this ongoing gifting project here in Kuala Lumpur. We have many decorative orgonite products that are quite unique in terms of shapes and colors. They make excellent gifts for friends and family. Please feel free to browse through our product section of our website.

We ship worldwide and if you are experiencing any difficulties in placing an order, please send us your order to the email address below:

hari@seaorgonite.com or

we can complete your order manually via paypal (we will send you a paypal invoice to your paypal email address).
Thanks for reading.

(Harideran Sivagnanam)


Dec 9th, 2008

The little secret device

I have had my eye on Cesco's little secret device for some time now (about 2 years ago), when I was exploring about orgonite then.

He makes this unique device in limited quantity only and when I finally managed to save up enough money to get his device, it was sold out again! :) 
What is the little secret device? The link at the whale website below, will shed some light to those who are new to cesco's amazing device:


He hasn't made this device available for some time now and one of the first thing that I wanted to ask him when I finally got to meet him in 3D, in our India gifting trip, was for a little secret device.

He is about to travel again and who knows when he'll make the unique LS device available again. From what I understand, he has only a few pieces left. The link to the little secret device:

As for me, after the very long wait on getting one (only recently did it become available again), a Little Secret Device (peridot green color) is making it's way to Malaysia now :)


Nov 8th, 2008

Heaven and Earth - India (Sept 29th - November 7th, 2008)

I had the opportunity to help out my friends (Laozu and Cesco), in their ongoing unique global gifting project, Heaven and Earth. This  time our trip took us to India.  

Read details here at materiaetherica:
India gifting trip details


Sept 28th, 2008
Gifting runs at Kuala Lumpur & Klang Valley in Malaysia

Recent gifting runs that took place between Sept 11 - Sept 28th. Slightly over 1000 TBs (tower busters) has been gifted along with four sets of 18s.

Read details here at Etheric Warriors:


Aug 28th, 2008

Welcome to www.seaorgonite.com. We are very happy to announce that we are open today!

It has taken us a very long time, more than 1 & 1/2 years to develop our decorative orgonite products, making sure that the colors didn't affect the orgonite negatively and etc. That basically boils down to alot of testing, testing and more testing of our products before finally getting it right.

Our website is still relatively new and we will be adding new materials to several sections of the site. Yes,  we are currently up and running now :)

What is orgonite?

Orgonite has a remarkable property, where they continually transmute negative energies (DOR/ Qi/ Chi) to a positive one around it's vicinity. Feng Shui practitioners will love orgonite items such as this as there are no calculations required for placement, to bring in positive Qi, unlike previous traditional methods. Orgonite can be be placed by anyone, anywhere to bring in positive Qi.

If orgonite is new to you, key in the word "orgonite" in the search engines and find out why thousands of people world wide are making and using them. Browse to the Introduction section for more.

Many of our decorative orgonite products are quite unique in terms of shapes and colors.

These decorative orgonite as the name implies are simply that. There are fully functional orgonite pieces, where they will continually transmute negative energies (DOR / negative Qi /Chi) into a postive one. See our introduction section for more details.

They make excellent gifts for friends and family.
Please feel free to browse through our product section of our website.

Learn how to make your own orgonite.

If you are doing alot of gifting in your local area, it would be best to learn how to make your own orgonite yourself.

Please visit the resources section at our website, where you can find links to orgonite tutorials.

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